Airing on Split Reel for CHIRP Radio (Chicago Independent Radio Project):

  • The War on Terror and Popular Culture, w/guests Andrew Schopp and Matthew B. Hill
  • Generation X in Cinema, w/guest Christina Lee
  • Race and Visual Imagery, w/guest Maurice Berger
  • Late-Night Comedy and American Politics, w/guest Russell Peterson
  • Crime Cinema, w/guest Leonard Pierce
  • Dreams in Popular Culture, w/guest Molly McAshan
  • The Second Golden Age of Horror, w/guest Kendall Phillips
  • Looking back at The Terminator, w/guest Scott Von Doviak
  • Cultural “Sophistication,” w/guest Leonard Pierce

    The following shows were originally broadcast on Under Surveillance, which ran from 2004-2009 on WLUW.

    Popular Culture

    With Leonard Pierce of The Onion’s A/V Club:

    — With Robert Thompson, Director for the Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University

    — With Timothy Shary, Director of Film and Video Studies at the University of Oklahoma

    — With Molly McAshan, Mental-Health Professional and Film Blogger

    — Other Guests

    Politics — With Political Science Professor Alan Gitelson of Loyola University

  • Kevin Fullam is a writer and researcher, with extensive experience in fields ranging from sports analytics to politics and cinema.

    In addition, he has hosted two long-running radio series on film and culture, and taught mass media at Loyola University.

    Episodes of his two shows, Split Reel and Under Surveillance, are archived on the Radio page.