I’m an Idea Guy, first and foremost — and for the right price, those ideas could be yours!

With an academic background in both political science and engineering, I’ve long suspected that both sides of my brain appreciate attention? In addition to brainstorming and solving logic puzzles, I’m particularly fond of working with both words and numbers… especially using the former to make sense of the latter.

Over the years, I’ve made my mark in fields ranging from sports analytics to business writing, while launching two radio shows and providing elbow grease for a number of documentaries. I’ve also donned a corduroy blazer and taught at Loyola University — a self-designed course on the depiction of American politics in popular culture. While my stream of apples never materialized, I once did receive a box of chocolates.

Kevin Fullam is a writer and researcher, with extensive experience in fields ranging from sports analytics to politics and cinema.

In addition, he has hosted two long-running radio series on film and culture, and taught mass media at Loyola University.

Episodes of his two shows, Split Reel and Under Surveillance, are archived on the Radio page.